SAMA Mentorship

The Support and Mentorship program aims to enhance continuous professional development, foster a culture of collaboration and support, and improve the overall well-being, job satisfaction, retention, and performance of healthcare practitioners in carrying out their daily duties. We believe this program can create a more healthy, resilient, and effective healthcare workforce.

The key objectives of the Support and Mentoring Program for Doctors are as follows:

 A. Enhance Professional Development: Provide opportunities for doctors to develop and refine their clinical skills, stay updated with the latest medical advancements, and explore specialized areas of interest through mentoring relationships and educational initiatives.

B. Foster a Culture of Collaboration: Encourage collaboration, teamwork, and interdisciplinary communication among doctors to improve patient outcomes and promote a supportive work environment. The program will encourage doctors to work together, share knowledge, and build strong relationships, thereby promoting a supportive work environment.

C. Improve Well-being and Resilience: The program will prioritize the well-being of doctors by promoting work-life balance, stress management, and emotional well-being through mentoring, counselling services, and wellness initiatives tailored to the specific needs of doctors.

Mentor Criteria

  1. Senior Dr, Academic Dr, or Corporate Dr
  2. HPCSA Registration
  3. SAMA Membership
  4. Minimum 4 Hours a month
  5. Minimum 5 Years post community service

Mentees Criteria

  1. Medical Student, Intern, Comm Serv, Registrar, or Jr Doctor
  2. HPCSA Membership
  3. SAMA Membership

Details for Submission

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