Society benefits significantly from entrepreneurship, not only because entrepreneurs create wealth and generate employment, but because they inspire others to push beyond the usual paradigms that shape economic status. A strong need for such a paradigm shift is needed in the healthcare sector.
The potential for higher autonomy makes entrepreneurship and private practice an attractive option for medical professionals looking to have more control in practicing medicine. It takes the same kind of astute judgement and effective collaboration with colleagues to succeed in an independent setting that it does to successfully care for patients.

The diagnostic process is challenging, tedious and taxing. Correctly identifying a condition may require a plethora of tests, consultations, conversations, and treatment plans. A good doctor will be relentless when it comes to the well-being of their patients and will keep trying until something works. This level of persistence and perseverance translates well into the world of business, economics, and entrepreneurship.
As an organisation we are supporting doctors in their entrepreneurial journey and in acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed. We aim to ensure that members are fully equipped so that they focus on what is most important, taking care of patients.

Our Support includes:


  • Business Acumen Courses


  • Financial Acumen Courses


  • Self-Mastery Courses


  • Governance and Legal assistance with the establishment of new practices