Educational & Professional Advancement

SAMA strives to offer a variety of programs to meet member needs, fit their schedule and match their learning preferences. The programs offer accredited learning for individuals through open-enrolment courses and for teams and organisations through tailored solutions. Courses are led by an expert faculty of professional leaders and industry think-tanks and are aligned to the national health priorities while meeting international standards for physician development frameworks.
We help doctors throughout the life-stages of being a physician while planning for the future. We provide expert advice and insights that allow medical professionals to navigate professional milestones with confidence at every career stage—from medical student to retirement.

We Provide


  • Topically relevant development opportunities throughout the annual calendar for medical advancement and personal development


  • International and local educational bursaries and scholarships


  • SAMA is already the publisher of the most widely read journals – of any discipline – in the entire country. We aim to become the top publisher of high-impact information products that enable informed decision-making at all levels of health care in South Africa.